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Expert advice and development

We can design new plastic parts.

We can provide you with technical expertise for the purchase of molds.

We propose innovative solutions when designing your projects.

Tuning of molds

We are able to solve your problems with dimensions and therefore increase your profits in productivity.

We repair and modify molds.

We are present with you during trials in order to validate any new modification.

Solving problems regarding quality

We assist you in finding solutions to the different problems regarding the transformation of plastics.

Increasing productivity

By collaborating with your personnel, we will find improvements that will permit you to increase your production capacity.

Project support and monitoring

Throughout the project, we will provide you with a key technical representative.

This person will be present for trials and will coordinate them so that the objectives which have been laid out will be reached.

This person will analyse and synthesize the dimensional and visual results.

This person will participate in the validation of the initial samples.

Operational training of production personnel

We offer you technical support in production.

We give you training workshops that are adapted to your needs and work with your facilities. Our workshops will be given at your workplace.


We monitor the project during the start-up phase in order to be successful in its industrialization.

The elaboration of:

  • - projected budgets;
  • - studies of molds and production;
  • - complete lines.